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Transcriptions viewable on a password-protected web site  
If your company, firm or practice needs global access to transcribed material, Bell Services can process the documents for viewing and downloading on a secure password protected web site. Documents can be indexed by date or name and viewed using a web browser from any location. Our database management team can build a system to meet your day-to-day requirements. Bell Services can provide the perfect offsite backup for your transcribed documents.

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Original Documents and Exhibits Scanned for Viewing - Any document that may be related to your transcribed text can also be scanned for viewing. Even hand written notes can be made available for your custom database or a password protected web site managed by our IT group.

Web Uploading - Digital audio files can be uploaded through a password protected and secure web site. These files can then be transcribed and e-mailed when complete.

Dial-In Digital Dictation - Any worldwide telephone can become your dictation machine. You can eliminate the hassle of cassettes, uploading digital files and speed up the process of transcription by dictating directly into our customized dial-in dictation units. Our transcriptionist can retrieve and transcribe your dictation almost realtime!

Flexibility - Bell Services has the flexibility to assist in any challenge you may have in converting spoken word to text. Our IT staff has many revolutionary ideas that will save you time and money. Please contact us for an analysis of your transcription and document service needs.


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