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Japan Court Reporters

What could be more daunting than trying to book a court reporter who is not only halfway around the globe, but who speaks a different language, with a different alphabet? If your legal team is faced with litigating in Japan, look no further than the name you can trust back in the U.S.: Bell Services. With a worldwide network of court reporters that extends to Japan, we're ready to serve all your legal support needs.

Accurate Court Reporting Half a World Away
Our court reporters in Japan, like ours in the U.S., are fully certified and ready to report in real-time so all members of your team can check in and stay on top of the proceedings from anywhere. Bell Services also provides transcription, interpreters experienced in legal proceedings, real-time closed captioned videography and more. Even if you're litigating from abroad, Bell Services can smooth the legal road for you ahead of time.

At Bell Services, our more than 40 years of experience goes into each case we support. In order to keep up the reputation that has brought us our over 3,000 current clients, we developed a proprietary quality control system to ensure high standards. Each word of a depo, each document we produce for a client gets sent electronically to our proofreaders and checkers to make sure we have accurate, quality, uniform output of work documents.

Whether you need court reporters in Japan or just down the street, count on Bell Services to supply exactly who you need exactly when you need them. We can also manage your documents, your cases--even create a custom database for your firm. That's top-to-bottom litigation management, and that's our specialty.

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