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Detroit Court Reporters

When searching for Detroit court reporters, look no further than the national litigation support company that the U.S. District Courts use: Bell Services. With a national and international presence, Bell Services paves the way for smooth litigation whether your own firm is down the block or across the country. Bell Services understands that complex litigation needs full-service support.

A Partner in Litigation Management
Providing a court reporter in Detroit is just scratching the surface of the services we offer at Bell Services. What started as a simple court reporting service back in 1965 has blossomed into one of the biggest and most successful litigation management companies out there, serving over 3,000 clients. Our size is our strength though, as we have the resources to fully service even small, boutique law firms just about anywhere on the planet, including Detroit.

Beyond court reporting, Bell Services offers digital transcription, translation, and subpoena services, courtroom presentations, electronic document management, electronic case management, customized databases, videography, and more. Of the utmost importance to us is providing our clients with a consistently quality product. Our proprietary quality control solution ensures that every document moves through a centralized system of checking and proofreading, and our well-tested process of tracking orders and billing through a central point of contact means that you always know where each document stands.

Members of our professional, long-tenured staff pride themselves on being the best in the business. We understand the burden placed on law firms during complex litigation and strive to provide a seamless solution. It's why Bell Services is still thriving after over 40 years in business.

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